Ji Robinson

aka Ji

Banned From Chat
  • I live in the land of milk and honey! Wanna come?!
  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is editing a bunch of wiki's
  • I am Male
  • Ji Robinson

    Check out the new exosuits!

    Kevin is Banzai & Alien X is Atlas!

    Express your opinions in the comments!!!

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  • Ji Robinson

    Alien X and Ultimate Kevin are coming to Project Exonaut very soon!!!

    Express your opinions in the comments!

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  • Ji Robinson

    Holiday Bash

    December 19, 2011 by Ji Robinson

    Whassup everyone! Happy Holidays and get ready for the Holiday bash!

    • Helix grenades are snowballs! Receive a 4x Bonus for hacking with them!
    • Crash bubbles are coated in Ice!
    • Boosts are presents and their totally random
    • 4x the XP for playing in an adventure time exosuit
    • More holiday themed missions!
    • Ice King is a TOTAL GOD-MODDER ^.^
    • All Adventure Time suits are unlocked!
    • The Exosuit dock is filled with holiday cheer :)
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  • Ji Robinson

    Halloween Slam

    October 17, 2011 by Ji Robinson

    Special Monster grenades, bonus XP, new missions and you also may notice that the hangar is a bit spooky!

    Check out this video to get all the details.

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  • Ji Robinson

    Plans for megalith!

    September 27, 2011 by Ji Robinson

    I asked and brad answered! You've seen it straight from the game designer HIMSELF!

    Express your hopes for what could be in the comments!

    More exosuits are on the way! Again, straight from the leading game designer HIMSELF!

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