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Level: 30
Faction: Atlas Brigade
Price: 2000 coins
Alias: Ult.Cannonbolt, Ultimate Cannonbolt

Ultimate Cannonbolt is a playable Exosuit of the Atlas Brigade on Project Exonaut. His Weapon Mod, similar to the Ballista, increases the Bulldog's shots to five instead of just one and adds 4 more shots making it 19 instead of 15. Ultimate Cannonbolt is available for purchase at level 30 for 2000 coins.

In The ShowEdit

Benjamin Tennyson is the former wileder of the Omnitrix, and wielder of the Ultimatrix, both of which were watches that could transform him into ten aliens (Although usually he gains more forms through out the season), but the Ultimatrix can transform him into a more powerful form called the Ultimate Form, where evolution would take the aliens in intence war, natural dangers, etc. Ultimate Cannonbolt is the Ultimate form of Cannonbolt, and alien that could turn into a ball and role into enemies at high speeds (Similar to a hedgehog). In his Ultimate Form, Cannonbolt is indestrucatable in his ball form, and can travel much faster. He also has spikes, missing from the suit (See below).

Apperance differencesEdit

In Ben Ten Ultimate Alien, Ultimate Cannonbolt is grey, slightly larger than Cannonbolt, with spiked teeth and a white chest/face. In Project: Exonaut, Ultimate Cannonbolt is blue, much less bulky and smaller.


Ben 10 Ultimate Alien


Project Exonaut Gameplay - Ultimate Cannonbolt

Project Exonaut Gameplay - Ultimate Cannonbolt