NRG Stats
Level: 10
Faction: Atlas Brigade
Price: 750 coins
Alias: NRG

NRG is a playable Exosuit of the Atlas Brigade on Project Exonaut. His Weapon Mod increases the Marksman's range and clip size. NRG is available for purchase at level 10 for 750 credits.

In The ShowEdit

NRG was one of the five aliens running from Aggregor, another alien trying to steal their powers to take pieces of the map of infinity and find the source of the universe to take the powers of a baby Alien X. NRG was captured but escaped Agragor's ship and fled to earth, where he met Benjamin Tennyson. Ben fought NRG as the alien was made of Nuclear energy but none the less tried to roam the planet. After defeating him, Ben scaned NRG to the Ultimatrix and sent him away with the plumbers. However, he was once again captured and this time absorbed by Aggregor. Aggregor achieved his goal of taking the map of Infinity, but then Ben fought him, eventually releasing NRG and the other five who had been absorbed. However, during the fight, Kevin had to absorb the power of the Ultimatrix, creating Ultimate Kevin.


Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Trivia ==

  • The first Exosuit Profile for NRG is misleading. In the actual game, it is shown that NRG has four points in Jetpack instead of Speed.