2011-09-26 1239
Level: 40
Faction: Banzai Squadron
Price: 5000 Credits
Alias: Heatblast

Heatblast is a plyable exosuit of the Banzai Squadron on Project Exonaut. His weapon mod increases the damage, but slows the firing rate of the Marksman. He is available for purchase at level 40 for 5000 coins.

In The ShowEdit

Benjamin Tennyson was the owner of the Omnitrix (before it was destroyed and he gained the Ultimatrix), a watch that could transform him into one out of any Ten aliens, earning him the nick name "Ben Ten". One of these aliens was Heatblast, a Pyronite with pyrokinesis, the ability to manipulate fire. In one episode, "Side Effects", Ben got a cold, which effected his aliens in varying ways. Heatblast turned blue and was given cryokinesis, or ice manipulation. Many think there will be a suit based off of this. (See below)

The Case of "Freezeblast"Edit

In the first update announcement, there was a brief display of a blue Heatblast sut, shown in the Gallery. It is unknown if this was an error, or a clue in for a future suit, but many fans believe that this is Heatblast with freezing powers.


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