The Halloween Slam is an special event which lasts during mostly during October.


Many parts of the Project Exonaut game are decorated to Haloween theme.

  • The menu screens (Home and Hangar) are decorated with Haloween looks. The background is decorated and spiderwebs appear to be sprawled right at the front of the screen. Every few seconds, spiders will also crawl over the left side of the screen.
  • Helix Grenades look like and are now called 'Monster Grenades.' Besides giving bonus XP (see Points affected/Bonus XP), hacks made by these make the crash bubbles of the victims look like transparent jack-o-lanterns and eyeballs.

Points affectedEdit

Besides the new decoration, effects are placed on the gameplay.

Exosuits unlockedEdit

Marceline and Grim exosuits are unlocked for all players of their factions, including guests.

Bonus XPEdit

Experience points are awarded twice as much when hacks are scored by Monster Grenades (hand-thrown and from cannons).

Exclusive badgesEdit

Excluive mission badges can be earned during this event, such as for playing one match during the event and for scoring hacks with Monster Grenades and Monster Cannons.