2011-09-26 1258
Level: 10
Faction: Atlas Brigade
Price: 1000 coins
Alias: none

Gumball is a playable exosuit of the Atlas Brigade on Project Exonaut from The Amazing World of Gumball. His Weapon Mod , similiar to Mordecai and Rigby's, expands the Wildfire's shots at a fast rate of fire. Gumball is available for purchase at level 10 for 1000 coins.


In the showEdit

Gumball is a twelve year old cat,mostly he is the oldest of the Wattersons, he is the brother of her little sister Anais and a best friend of Darwin.He is a mischievous,funloving ,imaginative and almost optimistic.Beside his Friends and his family he has a crush on Penny


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