An Exosuit is armor the player wears in Project Exonaut. All Exosuits are based on Cartoon Network characters except the Banzai Squadron's NinjaTempest, and Dragon and the Atlas Brigade's PhantomSentinel, and Behemoth.

Each Exosuit (except the default ones listed above, in which the Phantom and Ninja, Tempest and Sentinel, Behemoth and Dragon each have the same stats respectively) have unique statistics. The Atlas Brigade is centered around shield and tech, while the Banzai Squadron focuses more on speed and fuel efficiency.

Elite ExosuitEdit

An Elite Exosuit is an Exosuit that has very high statistics,the only current ones in existence are Elite Manus, Elite Marceline, Elite Mojo Jojo, and Elite Rath.

Atlas ExosuitsEdit

Banzai ExosuitsEdit