Who is greater, Elite Mojo Jojo or Elite Manus? These two exosuits have been taken to the test to see who is better. 

What makes one different and better than the other? Edit

To tell you the truth, almost NOTHING!!! BOTH boost the bulldog so they are prepared no matter what weapon they're holding. Try to look for a difference in stats, almost no difference!( their might not be any) Stats was really our only place where we might have found a difference other than one is Mojo Jojo and is on Atlas and the other is Manus and is on Banzai because these have nothing to do with which one is BETTER. Being on Banzai, Elite Manus should be more speed and agility while Elite Mojo Jojo - being on Atlas should be more strength and power. However, since the creators gave them similar...EVERYTHING ( except Bulldog mods of course), many of us think that they were simply made to duel each other. But if we look at the advantages and disadvantages of the seperate Bulldog mods to see who is better. So that leads us to the question...

Which MOD is Better?Edit

Elite Manus:

Gives Bulldog a one-ammo, short-ranged, "Lance charge".

Mod Advantages: the opponent can barely see what hit it.

Mod Disadvantages: takes a long time to reload so you can be caught off guard, if you miss the opponent due to shorter-than-usual accuracy, he/she has a chance to retaliate and finish you off.

Elite Mojo Jojo:

Gives Bulldog "Wildfire" qualities but reduces to seven ammo per clip.

Mod Advantages:quick reload makes sure you're always prepared.

Mod Disadvantages: opponent is more likely to be left sizzling than finished off.

NOW since we can see their differences, YOU can choose which is better. Thanks for reading this, if you did!!!

(oh yeah sorry if I missed any mod advantages or disadvantages)

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Once again, Thank you for reading my article.