2011-09-26 1237
Level: 10
Faction: Banzai Squadron
Price: 1000 coins
Alias: none

Darwin is a playable exosuit of the Banzai Squadron on Project Exonaut. His Weapon Mod allows the Marksman to use all of it's ammo in one clip. Darwin is available for purchase at level 10 for 1000 credits.

In The ShowEdit

Darwin is the most random of the Wattersons,he can sometimes be idiotic and stupid (the only numbers he knows are 2, 7, and 9) but occasionaly is very smart (he is able to speak Cantonese and French). Darwin's view of the world is quite skewed and naive,once mistaking a DVD as a pizza cutter. Darwin is not affected by jealousy because he is satisfied with his life. Darwin is quite fast,able to outrun Gumball and Anais with ease.



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