2011-05-08 2057
Agent Six
Level: 30
Faction: Atlas Brigade
Price: 2000 coins
Alias: Agent Six, Six

Agent Six is a playable Exosuit of the Atlas Brigade on Project Exonaut from Generator Rex. His Weapon Mod decreases the Wildfire's shots to five powerful shots per clip. Agent Six is available for purchase at level 30 for 2000 coins.

In the showEdit

Agent Six has an extremely stoic personality, often keeping a stern look on his face. Despite his emotionless exterior, he is a caring person deep down. An example of this is when Six first discovered Rex, who at the time was a young boy, trapped beneath a collapsed building. After Rex confessed that he was scared and alone, with no memory of ever having a family, Six showed sympathy for him and took him back to Providence. It is implied that Six was not given the title of "One" (or any higher) because of the softer side of his personality, which made him less of a threat than the others.


agent six attack
lets go six
come on
agent six attack
lets go six

come on


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